An Alaskan Mom

I live here in the beautiful state of Alaska here in Palmer which is a small town that is
surrounded by all the beautiful mountains.The temperatures in the winter vary from -30 degrees to 35 degrees above zero. In the winter months we experience about 3 months of limited daylight which has inspired me to make several warm weather items . I spend hours crocheting and knitting and also sewing items and have just recently decided to open a shop to sell them. After carefully considering several venues I have decided to open my shop on Etsy and I gave it the name of LadyWarmWear.I thought this would be an appropriate name for my shop since it relates to the temperatures here in Alaska. The summer months are very comfortable with temperatures in the 65-70 degree range during which time I make more lightweight items. I am very excited about opening my shop here on Etsy and am grateful for this opportunity.
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